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Risk Assessments

Understanding the level of risk and the potential threat to an organization’s activity is fundamental for establishing an effective security policy.

Targeted services:

- Corporate Security
- Events Securing
- Aviation Security
- Port Facility Security
- Public Transportation
- Securing Sensitive Facilities

Effective security starts with a clear understanding of types and levels of risk that an organization might face. These risks are not always fully and properly identified so that companies are not aware of the possible consequences they might deal with. Failure to recognize and manage these risks could seriously affect even the most successful businesses. A security survey and risk assessment will support your company in identifying the risk that hunt down your organization.

Risk Integrated Solutions is able to:
- conduct risk assessment on any aspects of your business, be it a site you want to develop for new warehousing or administration, or even an area of your business you feel is not secure enough.

- identify and evaluate potential threats that exist within your current security system and procedures.

- provide you with a report stating practical and realistic recommendations that will cope to the risks identified previously identified.

- advise on the implementation of systems and procedures to prevent security incidents.

We assure you that Risk Integrated Solutions maintains complete independence from any supplier or manufacturer and provides impartial advice from security industry experts.