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Division for police, prison service and public security

We offers high ability of solution to public security, planning for authority security, personnel classification ,training, integration technology, carrying out solution to problem in crime, public order, terrorism and prison management.

Using experience from all over the world and knowledge from quality officer that specialize in the area:

1) Police - investigation, detection, intelligence, patrol, traffic order, drug, special units (listening, following) control center, safe cite, c.c.t.v., citizen service, community policing, personal equipment.

2) Public order - handing demonstration, crowed psychology, crowd treatment, special units, special equipment, technology, hand to hand combat, sport event.

3) Anti-terrorism - preventing terrorism, explosive unit, special unit to release hostages, special equipment, technology, security planning to threaten zone and public building.

4) Prison service - consulate to building prison, prison safety, prevention: drug, mobile phone, weapon. Special unit to deal with prison order, prison correction (medicine, labor, education psychology), safety technology, private prison, intelligence in the prison, human rights prison, personnel issue, escorting prisoners unit, preventing an escape from the prison, special jail division.